Lisa Carrol, a designer and new mommy, dreamed of creating a brand that would offer only the softest cotton fabrics painted with dreamy prints. She never imagined she would build a go-to brand for mommies all over the world. LIVLY was founded in 2011, after her twin girls, Liv and Lilly, were born premature. They suffered from very delicate skin as many newborns do, sending Lisa on a mission to find the softest cotton in the world: Pima Cotton. After endless trips to Peru and visits with suppliers, manufacturers and cotton fields, she designed what she believed to be a baby’s must-have closet; a collection of layette wear mixed with jersey and cashmere blends, which would soon catch the attention of the press and public.


Lisa’s dreams came true when she opened her first store in Stockholm, Sweden. Her vision brought children into a dreamland of comfortable clothes with unique prints, all designed in Lisa’s apartment in Stockholm. Inspired by a family of designers and seamstresses, Lisa found her niche and became fascinated with style of prints, colors and shapes.


The LIVLY studio is in a constant creativity bubble where color palette, fabrics and patterns float around to create the next collection to dress the tiniest humans. Most people who visit our office describe it as entering a dreamland where children’s minds can explore, imagine and wander away to a warm place of love. LIVLY is known for creating dreamy illustrations taking our imagination into the world of LIVLY. 


Our journey to producing the highest quality in baby clothing started with a recommendation from a pediatrician. After desperately exhausting every option to cure little ones skin from eczema and other rashes, we set off to the land that are known of producing the softest cotton known to man: Peru. Here, we ventured the cotton fields and Peruvian markets and was able to experience first-hand how pure 100% pima cotton was handled: hand-picked, knitted and dyed.

Newborn babies have up to 10 times more sensitive skin than the rest of us, which is easily forgotten. They are exposed to a new world and new materials as they master to live in the new world. Although your little bundle of joy developed from an embryo to an infant in a matter of 9 months, their precious skin can still take up to 12 months to fully develop.

The organic way of the Peruvians producing this sought after pima cotton was anything that we had ever experienced and far away from common mass production where machines pick the cotton in bulk. Our founder, Lisa Carrol, was driven to produce only the purest garments for her customers, and wanted to be involved in everything from sketch to the finished garment hanging in the store. After her first trip to Peru, Lisa had made her mind up: She was going to make a clothing line that would offer only the softest of cotton garments to babies, children and mommas out there.

As humans, our skin is made up of two layers – the bottom layer is called the dermis, and the top layer is called the epidermis. Your baby’s epidermis is thin and not fully developed, making their skin prone to common infant skin conditions. For this reason, not only are the lotions and soaps you expose to your little one’s skin important but also the clothing being put on top of their skin. This was the case for our momma and designer, Lisa Carrol, and her beloved premature twin daughters, Liv and Lilly.